Our Services: Committed and Focused

We are committed to and focused on helping those most hurt by our struggling US Economy by extending the opportunity of a financial second chance to as many individuals as possible whose credit card debt we acquire.  



The debt buying industry is unique in that our customers don’t choose us… we acquire our customers from the banks who have charged them off.


Market Opportunity

In 2011 over $60 Billion of credit card debt was charged off by the nations credit card banks.  That is over $20 Billion over industry  normal volumne.  Since statistics show that the charge off rate tracks with the unemployment rate and the unemployment rate is predicted to remain elevated at least through 2016, we can reasonably assume  that the supply of charged off credit card debt will be available and plentiful for the foreseeable future.


Value Proposition

Knowing that customers have limited resources to deal with their problems, the Applied Psychology approach is more likely to cause the customer to part with some of those limited resources more quickly.  Consumers still face the same old problem – they owe more creditors than they can pay but they can pay some of their debts.  The Applied Psychology strategy focuses on how to become one of the few creditors that are paid each month.   This becomes the value proposition of the strategy. 

Our services in overview

  • Creating a Win - Win - Win situation for all involved
    • Customer - Offer opportunity for our customer to get rid of a debt for less than the face value of what is owed
    • Banks - Allow the banks from whom we buy the charged off assets from to remove the bad debt from their books and receive some immediate cash for the asset
    • KBS Enterprises - Our company also makes money by doing good for our econony.


We would be happy to provide you with details about our services. Contact us at 978 409-1013 or use our contact form.