Executive Summary

KBS Enterprises is in the business of acquiring  charged off credit card debt at a discount and collecting those assets by placing the portfolios with highly qualified third party collection agencies.


The purchase and collection of charged off debt is not a new concept – nor is it a small industry as it is populated by a handful of large public companies and hundreds of small companies.  What makes us unique in the Asset Recovery Industry is our approach to our customers.  We demand from ourselves and all our 3rd party collection agencies that our customers be treated  with the dignity and respect they deserve.  Their debt is just a circumstance in their lives, its not who they are as a person.  Lets treat the person with compassion and work on resolving their circumstance.  In an industry where there is such a nasty reputation, we see our company as a shining star, a glimmer of hope for people. 



Right now, and for the next several years, there is a huge oversupply of charged off debt available for purchase (because of the recession and the high rates of charge offs in the Banking Industry).  This excess supply allows a relatively small market entrant, like KBS Enterprises, to purchase these assets at a discounted price.  By purchasing the assets at a discounted rate, it allows KBS Enterprises the ability to pass along a discount to our customers.  This settlement ability helps our customers get out of debt on the account owned, while still achieving a considerable profit margin for KBS Enterprises – a win-win proposition for all those involved.


KBS Enterprises is positioned to capitalize on this opportunity and be the BEST in the business.


KBS Enterprises expects to achieve above average collection results by the selection of collection agencies who utilize the Applied Psychology  strategy for working with consumers.  The Applied Psychology strategy takes a different and unique approach with the customer.  The mantra is “Polite.  Professional.  Persistent.”  While the confrontational strategy is more like war, where there is one winner and one loser, the Applied Psychology strategy looks for a win-win solution where both parties can feel good about the resolution.